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First place wins $2,500, 2nd place wins $1,000 and 3rd place win $500 Cash! Help me select the top 3 winners based on their before and after pictures and their transformation stories.  Who inspired you the most and who would you like to see win?  You can only vote once so please review everyones amazing stories, it's not going to be easy to pick just one! These guys busted their butts and would appreciate your vote! 

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“Lost Over 10 Lbs Of Fat & Gained Lots Of Muscle!”
Michael After Michael Before

“I am from My MYM journey was a lot of fun. At the beginning of my first 16 weeks on the program, I was coming off of an eight month journey of weight loss. I had achieved my goal of getting my weight down to a healthy level, and wanted to begin the next phase of my goal....getting huge ;D

I stumbled on to Vince's program through an email newsletter that I received regularly from Joel Marion. As soon as I signed up, I knew I found what I was looking for. Throughout the 16 weeks, there was never a point where I said to myself "Oh no, it's time to go to the gym." The program changes month to month, keeping your body on it's toes, and your mind from hitting a wall of boredom. My lagging body parts were my arms, thighs and abs. Now my lagging body part is just my abs....although my abs are strong, but I have some excess skin that hangs off them lol. Originally, I was discouraged with how my arms looked, but after a couple months on MYM I noticed incredible change in my biceps/triceps. I even receive lots of remarks on how big they look compared to before. My non lagging body parts, such as my calves/chest/shoulders are seeing some great new definition.

My new goal for the next 16 weeks is to get my back toned, and bulking up the rest of me. For anyone who is looking for something challenging, fun and something that will help you see results, I highly recommend Maximize Your Muscle. 30 something dollars a month is most definitely worth the investment! Thanks Vince!”

Michael Thompson
North Vancouver BC, Canada

“Gained 11 lbs of Muscle & Lost 2 lbs of Fat!”
Bill After Bill Before

“Hello I would like to enter the contest. My before weight was 152  and 8% body fat. My after weight was 161 and 6.5% body fat

My story:  I’ve been skinny and weak all my life and I wanted to change that because I wanted to be someone instead of being a little skinny push over. At first I started taking advice from anyone about working out and I did this and that and never got anywhere. So I searched online and found Vince Del Monte's NNMB and gained over 30lbs of muscle just doing the first 6 months. Before I could start the other part I heard about Maximze your Muscle and I had to give it a try. I started training at 13 in a half and I’ve trained with Vince’s program since then and I have made pretty good gains. Thanks Vince. ”

Bill Ranchmen
Louisiana, USA

“Lost Over 25 lbs of Fat & 4 Inches Off Waist!”
Mick AfterMick Before

“My name is Michael Ryan and I live in Waterford City, Ireland. I have just completed phase 4 of the 16 week transformation contest. Attached are my before and after photos as requested.

My stats are as follows:

Before my body fat % was 24.5%. Now I'm down to 13%
Before my waist was 36 inches. Now it's 32 inches.
I went from 188 lbs to 166 lbs

My Story:
To anyone reading this I would highly recommend joining Maximize Your Muscle (MYM). Before I joined I was overweight and weighed 188 lbs and had a body fat % of 24.5%. After 16 weeks of the MYM program I had cut my weight to 166 lbs and my body fat % to 13%. This equated to a loss of 4 inches from my waistline.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 16 weeks of MYM and plan to continue with the program to get the body I have so desperately wanted for such a long time. MYM is a though program which pushes you to achieve your goal and contains a support forum where all members can share their experiences and have their questions answered by people who have gone through or who are going through the process.

So if like me and so many other MYM members you are determined to change the way you look and feel about yourself then this program is for you. However if you are looking for some magical quick way to change your body without wanting to put in the effort then I suggest you continue that unrealistic quest somewhere else, MYM is only for serious people who are willing to give serious commitment to change themselves for the better. If you are one of those people then come on board the Vinny train and be part of the MYM family.”

Mick Ryan
Waterford City, Ireland

“Skinny Italian Stallion Gains 9 lbs of Muscle & Loses 3 lbs of Fat!”
Andy After Andy Before

“My story started 35 years ago when I was 10 and I received the nick name “Skinny Italian Stallion”. I was the skinniest kid in school which drove me nuts. I picked up my first muscle mag at 12 after enough of the skinny jokes and I built a Wood bench press and found some old cement weights at a garage sale and started pumping iron at age 12. (I had to cut many lawns to pay for those weights LOL. ) Over the next 32 years I have been training on / off, going to the gym, hiring trainers, working out at home, blah, blah, blah, but I have never made gains that sustained nor improved my overall physic. I have been living the typical YO, YO affect when it came to making real / sustainable progress.

That all changed August of 2009 when I came across the following fitness experts that sparked my attention, Vince DelMonte, Isabel De Los Rios, Joel Marion, and several others. After reading there areas of expertise I felt confident I found the team of experts I needed to achieve a ripped physic. With that knowledge I SET my goals! Nutrition, Body Fat, Muscle Gain! I have been reading everything these experts put out and I have been following there guidance to get where I am today. Isabel’s Diet Solution and Joel Marion One on One Coaching / Cheat Your Way Thin helped me achieve the following results178lbs to 145lbs and body fat from 19% to 11% in 6 months. After this awesome achievement it was time to focus on my main goal which was to add muscle and become ripped and finally put to rest that old nick name.

In September 2010 I became an MYM member working with Vince DelMonte and over the First 16 weeks I’ve achieved gains and muscle definition that I am seeing for the first time in my 32 years of training. Pictures don’t lie! Nor does the comments from family and friends.

Today I’m 154lbs at 8% Body Fat 9 lbs of lean muscle gain and 3% body fat lose all in the first 16 weeks. Oh Yea!

I got to say Vince brings the whole package through his Newsletters, DVD’s, Coaching Calls, Forum and many special bonuses that separates Vince from others. They amount of inspiration and support I’ve received from Vince and active members is the best I’ve experienced!
It’s hard to put into words how I’ve been feeling over the past 4 months other then FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Although the progress I’ve made so far is making history in my own transformation this has become much bigger than just my changes but what I believe has me on such a high is all the people I’ve been helping to start living a healthier life.  This is what it’s all about, helping others.

I need to thank Vince and all the MYM members for being there for me. I look forward to the next 16 weeks. Get Some! Play Hard Live Strong.”

Andy Segovia

Wapakoneta, OH

“Packs On Confidence-Building Muscle The Chicks Dig!”
Derek  After Derek Before

“Here is my info for the transformation contest from Phase 1 to Phase 4 for MYM members.  Bodyfat percentage (I cannot find any calipers here in Korea so I don't know exactly, but by looking at the pictures it is obvious that it dropped!)

Before:  Waist: 32 inches  After: Waist 30 inches
Before: Shoulders 41.75 inches  After: Shoulders 44 inches

I still feel funny doing something like this.  Two years ago I would have laughed if somebody told me that I started bodybuilding (or even working out).  I never went to the gym or did any type of exercise.  I was a full time smoker and was no stranger to beer. 

Fast forward two years later and I find myself in South Korea working as a Middle School English teacher.  I had a nice beer gut and so I decided to get my lazy butt in shape.  I quit smoking and drinking and actually managed to lose 30 pounds.  Unfortunately I had no idea what I was doing nutrition and exercise wise so I lost a lot of muscle along the way and ended up looking very thin and weak.  People were constantly asking me if I was sick.  I did not know what to do.  I did not want to get fat again after exercising so hard.  

I realized that I had to put on some muscle.  I did some searching online and found a guy named Vince DelMonte on YouTube. I started following some of his muscle building videos and before I knew it, I was in pretty decent shape.  I was getting complements and feeling great.  I was hooked.  Working out became a great stress reliever and a nice alternative to drinking every night only to wake up with a terrible hangover and an empty wallet. 

I stumbled across MYM surfing the internet one night and decided to join.  Being able to communicate with like minded people who motivate and share their triumphs and failures with each other has been a great experience.  I have learned so much about what I am capable of doing if I set my mind to something.  This is more than just "muscle".  It is a confidence builder, a healthy lifestyle, and oh yeah, chicks dig it too! haha (hey no point in trying to hide it)”

Derek Cutsinger
Daegu, South Korea

“Gained 5 Pounds Of Quality Muscle Mass & Cut Fat!”
Paul Uy After Paul Uy  Before

“I’ve been interested in fitness for quite some time now and I’ve even taken the time to study and complete my personal trainer certifications through ACE. Given some more time I plan on studying for a second certification through NASM because of my growing interest in the field.

Through my certifications I have mastered leaning down and losing body fat but I have yet to gain enough experience in gaining solid and quality muscle. I was lucky enough to have found Maximize Your Muscle and Vince’s story hit very close to home. He was almost turning 30 and had set out to achieve some of his own goals much like myself. I felt that he had the knowledge and the experience it took to help me gain some solid mass and quality muscle so I took the plunge and dedicated my effort and time to his program.

Fast forward 4 months later. I had followed the monthly programs and through my hard work and dedication as well as Vince’s motivation I had gained some serious quality muscle and went from 157 lbs at 11% body fat to 163 lbs at 9% body fat! I was ecstatic to have gotten such great results and I owed it all to Vince and his program.

I’m not 30 just yet but I plan on sticking with Vince to get “that” body that I’ve always wanted. Here’s to a great 2011 and achieving all my goals by the time I turn 30.  Thanks Vince!”

Paul Uy
LA, California

“The Work Is It's Own Reward!”
Matt B. AfterMatt Y. Before

“Hey Vince, my name is Paul Masinelli and I am one of the I guess you would say pioneers of Maximize Your Muscle. I wanted to share my experiences with the program as well as my journey through this realm of fitness as a whole.

A preface; when I signed up for the program back in January 2010, I had just picked up Mike Gearyʼs amazing E-Book “The Truth about Six-Pack Abs,” and you were mentioned in the book. Trusting Mikeʼs judgment, I took a leap of faith and have been forever enlightened.

After picking up “No Nonsense,” I heard about MYM and jumped on board. In midst of my last semester as a Graduate student for music, I juggled two jobs, putting together two graduate recitals; one solo guitar and one involving the entire music college and featured only my compositions.

Needless to say, I could not dedicate the energy that I truly wanted to commit to the program. Around phase four and soon afterwards the semester came down and I had to refine my focus! Despite not being able to keep up with the program, I continued my subscription. The knowledge and wisdom kept me sated with desire and a yearning for more. I wanted to see this through. V

owing to start fresh in 2011 after going through several of your colleagueʼs programs; Final Phase Fat Loss and Extreme Fat Loss (ouch) come to mind. I stand before you now, a year wiser and have surpassed where I left off the year prior. Every four months I will send you a chronology of the phases I have conquered hence forward. This is not my first foray into the world of dedication... !

Back in 2006, I had ended a rather volatile engagement with my “first love” and through the years I had gained 60 pounds. It was time to reclaim my life. At the rate I was going, I would have been dead by 30. Here is a picture to illustrate my point: A perfect picture of bad health.

Here I was, 5ʼ4” 205 pounds filled with inner turmoil and disgust. It was only after seeing my old track and cross country pictures that it all hit me. The time is now if I am ever going to get my life back. As a mesomorph, I never have had much difficulty gaining muscle and after a summer of self taught nutrition and work out plans I dropped down to 145 pounds. The look on peoplesʼ faces was priceless. I had been able to keep myself around 145-155 ever since and I attribute that to a constant thirst for knowledge and to put it bluntly, vanity.

Enough of the preface, these pictures below illustrate my progress from the beginning of phase 1 to the completion of phase 4. They both were taken with my IMacʼs camera; no fancy lighting or other mirages to enhance and detract. This is the beginning of phase one. 33 inch waist. Roughly 150 pounds. I am also growing out my hair for halloween this year. (going to be Vegeta from DBZ and I will do him justice for damn sure) This photo was taken on this past Sunday. 31 inch waist. My arms had went from 12” to 13.5.”

I posted this onto my facebook fitness photo album; the average fly their banners of jealously and attribute my improvements to pure vanity. It is so much more than that (although it helps.) Every phase I start with the notion that I am going to kick its ass; I always get my ass handed to me.

Phase 5 is a new mountain to conquer and I will be damn sure I reach the summit. My personal goal is to be 175 ripped by the completion of MYM at its current state. I have one more challenge to contend with the muscle building; my step father has given me an opportunity of a life time. To run with him on his last marathon in Iceland this August. I am juggling gaining muscle mass with conditioning for the marathon. I could not pass up this opportunity. The work is its own reward.

Through this path of self development I have learned much and there is much to learn.”

Paul Masinelli

“I'm Seeing Gains Shocking Myself Every Day!”
Matt B. AfterMatt Y. Before

“Maximize Your Muscle is a truly amazing journey. I'm seeing such unbelievable results/gains, that I'm even shocked, and I see myself every day. Friends of mine have come up to me and said "man, you're really getting big". I've been at the gym, and had people at school tell me they didn't know I played an NCAA varsity sport. I told them I don't, I'm just trying to get fit for me, which blows them away, because they say they couldn't work as hard as I do in the gym. I had someone ask me when football practice starts because they thought I was on the team. Never in a million years would I think I'd be mistaken for a college football player. On a more serious note, the program is a phenomenal confidence booster (especially phase 2). I was very anxious about that phase, and doubted myself. But I dug deep, and realized that if I can complete this insane workout, I can do anything I put my mind to (not to be corny, I honestly believe this). The confidence alone is a reason to invest in MYM, but the results do speak for themselves. A life altering experience, I would highly recommend MYM to anyone interested in becoming the best version of themselves possible. Thank you Vince, this program is absolutely fantastic.

Thanks once again, and good luck at Worlds!”

Sam Robson


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